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  • - Michael
    Your knowledge and willingness to share it by answering my questions made my Japan trip way better than I could have hoped. Your guides and event calender are absolutely fantastic and you seem to be the only site with this much info. Once again, thanks so much for your input into my Japan trip and helping others have the best experience!
    - Michael
  • My friend and I just got back after 5 days in Japan, and let me tell you, this website saved us. Without the resources I found here, our planning would’ve been a mess and we wouldn’t have been able to do everything we did in one visit! This site especially saved us by giving us some tips and tricks on how to drive places in Japan - I'm looking forward to using it more as I plan my next trip out next year.
    - Cory
  • I should try and find at least one thing that could be better about the site. Honestly though, I can’t. The owner of the site clearly knows their stuff and has spent a lot of time and energy compiling building this resource. If you are planning a trip to the motherland, a membership to Japan Car Culture is something I feel is a great value which will make your visit that much better.
    - Rob
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Once you sign-up you'll be granted a lifetime membership to JapanCarCulture.com. That's right, your JCC membership is for LIFE! We recently changed this from a year-long membership.  


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Yes! JapanCarCulture.com is updated regularly with new content. This could be anything from a brand new guide, new itinerary suggestions, new blog content or new automotive events! We'll also be introducing more features in the form of video lessons and podcasts very soon.


Are your guides available in languages other than English?

No, at the moment our website is only in English. 


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If you've browsed the overview of our site content and feel like you already have an understanding of all of the content in here, please consult us before signing up so we can assess whether you'd find value in becoming a member or not. 

I love cars and want to visit Japan, but don't know where to start. Can you help me?

Yes! This is exactly why JapanCarCulture.com was created. We're here to make the whole process easier - from helping you figure out travel and accommodation to when and where events will be taking place; we can teach you everything you need to know!  


I'm only going to be spending time in Hokkaido, Kyushu or Okinawa. 

If you're only planning on going to quite a specific region of Japan outside of Honshu, please contact us before you go ahead and purchase our full access package, as we don't cover as many activities and events listed for these areas. 


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  • - Chevenne
    This is amazing! I've already learnt so much more - I wish I was going to Japan for longer now. You've covered literally everything and I've already rearranged our schedule based around what you've recommended!
    - Chevenne
  • I just wanted to write a quick message to thank you whole-heartedly for creating this absolute gem of a website. Recently, a friend of mine and I went on a two week trip to Japan and having JapanCarCulture.com at our side was an absolute game-changer. Cheers, and keep up the great work!
    - Alex
  • Thanks to your Event Calendar I lived my longtime dream at Meihan! Thanks for putting the website together!
    - Radek

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